Prime Horse Boarding in
Redmond, Wa

Excellence nestled in the heart of the Eastside.

Why should I be boarding my equine companion at Willowcrest Stables?

1. Location. Location. Location. In the heart of the Sammamish Valley near Redmond, Washington. Adjacent to the 60 acres soccer fields. Quick and easy access from the North, East, South or West. This means more time with your horse when you want. Location means ample property to ride on site or take a more adventurous trip on trails. Location means fencing and gating that make the facility secure, safe, and pleasant.

2. Great atmosphere for casual horsemanship and more. Come and go when you want means relaxed visits and riding times that you dictate. Cross section of skill levels and horse breeds means no matter your style or horse you will feel comfortable.

3. Caring staff. We take horses out and back in each day. Respect your desires as the owner and will always contact you on any questions or issues. This provides you ease of mind. We get to know your horse personally. Feeding is consistent and according to what you want. Water is reviewed every day while stalls are mucked.

Beautiful, Great Service And Location

40 vast acres

40 Vast Acres

great looking stalls

Great Stalls

friendly staff

Arena And Round Pens

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Ideal Location

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